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Medical Vacuum Sealer w/ Quick Release Vacuum System

Vacuum Heat Sealer is designed specifically for vacuum packaging moisture and oxygen sensitive diagnostic test kits that require precise vacuum and gas level control. The Vacuum Sealer has High Pressure Seal Jaw with upper heat, handles the toughest pouch materials and offers the user the flexibility of selecting multiple process modes.Vacuum-Seal, Gas-Vacuum-Seal, Seal only, Vacuum-gas-vacuum-seal,Vacuum-gas-seal - also available as validatable model.

Click for medical foil bags and pouches

Snorkel and Vacuum chamber models of vacuum heat sealers with gas flush are available - email for pricing and details

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber Vacuum Sealers are available as table top, single chamber and double chamber heat sealers. Chamber Vacuum sealers are capable of removing a higher percentage of oxygen from a bag than other vacuum sealers. Results as low as 0.02%, makes vacuum chamber sealers ideal for extremely oxygen-sensitive products

single chamber vacuum sealers

Table top chamber vacuum sealers