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For all your diagnostic test kit manufacturing needs


The QuickPouch Vertical with Videojet ink jet printer is an all-in-one package sealing/coding solution that will provide track and trace for diagnostic and medical devices.  This provides a means to read unique information on the outside of  a sealed foil vapor barrier packages which is the same information as that which appears on the specific to that product.  For example, if a lyophilizer test well plate has a unique bar code that is printed on each plate, this information can be scanned and then printed on the vapor barrier bag as the test well plate is being packaged. By using this auxiliary small character ink jet printer together with the QuickPouch Vertical machines, optimal packaging speeds and code printing can be met with virtually no downtime and precision quality. Bar coded trays are scanned immediately prior to being loaded into the QuickPouch Vertical. This unique information is then ink jet printed on the actual bag that the tray is placed into at the immediate time of packaging.  

Track and Trace for diagnostic devices

Lyophilizer test well plates can be scanned to read the unique bar code information on the 96 well test plate, and then  that information can be printed on the outside of the foil pouch that they are packed in for track and trace of each test kit.