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For all your diagnostic test kit manufacturing needs


Impulse heat sealer for packaging diagnostic test kits, IVD packaging

Validatable heat sealers designed for sealing films to injected molded parts in the manufacture of ‘lab on a chip’ cartridges.

These platen style heat seal presses are designed for sealing films to injected pieces, both flat and structured pieces. The sealer is designed for alignment accuracy. Stainless steel bodies for cleanroom operation.  The sealer is designed for temperatures up to 5500 F. Can seal thin films, polymers such as COC, COP, PMMA, PET and also PS, PC, various grade of clean room compatibility. Touch screen controls optional. High precision steel. Sealing force of 1250 lbs at 100 PSI.  Critical temperature controls in tenths of a degree, timing can be controlled to .001 of a second. Air boost option will apply additional pressure when the heater cinder is completely extended to high pressure sealing while maintaining slow smooth movement of the heating elements.

Heat Sealers for microfluidic cartridge production

Platen press style heat sealers for sealing thin films to plastic components used to manufacture cartridges used for ‘lab on a chip’ cartridges

Heat seal press for the manufacture of ‘lab on a chip’ for microfluidic cartridge production platen size is 10 by 10 inches.  Other sizes of platens are available.

Platen heat seal press -  high temperature 5500F and critical tolerances for sealing films to injection molded parts, for R&D and microfluidic manufacturing applications. These sealers can also seal blister packs, packaging for clinical trials, lidding to thermoform trays-heat sealing and other flat products and films - email for pricing and details.

Click for medical foil bags and pouches for sealing diagnostic test kits

Validatable medical blister heat sealer for microfluidic cartridge heat sealing applications microfluidic cartridge heat sealing applications microfluidic cartridge heat sealing applications