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For all your diagnostic test kit manufacturing needs


The Quick Pouch Micro is a tabletop pouch filling machine, for increasing packaging efficiency during manual packaging of test kits. This pouch filing machines will pick a pouch from a magazine and open the pouch for quick, easy product placement.  Easy to use pouch filing machine. The Quick Pouch Micro takes the effort out of opening pouches - this can help reduce concerns about carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries

Features for Quick Pouch MicroTable top pouch filling

•  Easy adjustments for different size pouches
•  Foot pedal for operator trigging included
•  Auto mode will cycle machine at set speed
•  Built in re-settable counters
•  Footprint less than 12” X 18” long
•  Weight less than 25 Lbs.
•  Operator interface for timer settings and operating mode changes.

Two sizes available - please contact us for pricing information.

pouch loading equipment for diagnostic test kits

Pouch Loading Equipment for Packaging Diagnostic Test Kits

Table Top Pouch filling equipment - increases productively in loading cassettes into foil bags.