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For all your diagnostic test kit manufacturing needs


Thermoform Blisters for IVD Packaging
Vapor Barrier Rollstock
Vapor Barrier Foil Bags

Stock aluminum foil rollstock laminates:
• saran coated polyester/poly
• metallized polyester/poly
• nylon/poly
• polyester/foil/poly - foil lamination
• nylon/foil/poly - foil lamination
• paper/poly/foil/poly  - foil lamination

Foil bags and pouches - Custom foil pouches and bags for the diagnostic test kit industry:
• Long-term shelf stability
• Re-closability • Custom printed 8 color foil bags

• Unprinted foil pouches • Appealing graphics
• Aluminum Foil pouches with zippers that maintain a hermetic seal.

• pregnancy test kits, diagnostic test kits

• lyophilization products packaging

• reagent testing

Depending on requirements, custom foil pouches are constructed of materials in two to four layer laminations. Whatever your needs, you can be sure of a low MVTR, or moisture vapor transmission rate.   

foil bags foil bags - Zippered Aluminum Foil Bags for ELISA plate storage

Zippered Aluminum Foil Bags for ELISA plate storage

Desiccants for packaging

Desiccants- Silica Gel desiccant either individual sachets; or strips of desiccant for automatic loading

Automatic Desiccant lording equipment is also available

Custom foil pouches and bag

• Silica Gel

• two year shelf life on buckets of desiccants

Please contact us at 631-804-9625 or for pricing information on ordering foil bags.  We would need to know the dimensions of the bag, the number of bags that you are interested in ordering, and if you would like printing on the bags.

Contact us for details on desiccants and desiccant loading equipment

Thermoform blisters and trays for IVD Test Kit Packaging

Vapor barrier materials that can be thermoformed

Peelable foil lidding that can be sealed to the thermoform trays

Packaging for ELISA plates

Zippered Aluminum Foil Bags for ELISA plate storage will protect coated ELISA plates. Each light-proof, vapor barrier foil pouch is heat-sealable with a reclosable zip lock. Tamper evident zipper.