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Equipment and supplies for diagnostic test kit manufacturers

Equipment for manufacturing rapid assays

Fully automatic load and assembly of rapid assay tests. Also manual load assembly machinery for strip tests; dispensing of reagents for diagnostic test kits.

Automatic and semi-automatic equipment and machinery to assemble diagnostic test kits. Assembly of rapid tests, lateral flow tests or strip tests; dispensing of reagents for diagnostic test kits.

Table-Top Modular Robotic Assembly Machines

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Housing Infeed

A 2-level conveyor bulk feeder, rotating disc and two Scara robots provide a controlled and monitored input of plastic cassette housing with customizable buffer.  Machine vision inspection ensures that each hosing fits QC requirements.

Intelligent Transfer Unit

The lateral flow device is transferred from module to model utilizing the Ginolis intelligent transfer unit.  The multifunctional transfer system moves the components on carriers along a glass platform.

Strip Cutting and Assembly

The strip cutting model cuts, inspects and places test strip onto the lateral flow test bottom housing.  The test strips are cut by a linear servo blade.  Vision guidance ensures precise strip width. The LFDA is available with single card, card magazine or reel in-feed.

Press Unit

The assembled lateral flow device is sealed together utilizing a servo driven press unit with adjustable height and force parameters.

Quality Control

In addition to multiple machine vision quality control checks throughout the production line, a final QC station ensure proper cassette closure.