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Equipment and supplies for diagnostic test kit manufacturers

Feeder/Printers for foil bags

Printer Features

Ultra high speed operation
12 dots/mm (305 dpi) resolution

Self leveling printhead
All electronic operation
Easy loading ribbon magazines

Wide range of print areas
Large capacity 3.5mb memory

Upgradeable modular construction

Onboard diagnostics
Printer status display

     Multi-level password protected access

      Electronically adjustable print position

      Full networking capability

Table top pouch printer prints pouches up to 12” wide  

printing on foil bag used for IVD diagnostic test kits

Please  - email for pricing and details

Examples of printing on silver foil and white foil bags

printing equipment for printing on foil bgs used for diagnostic IVD test kits

Table top pouch printing equipment for for printing machine readable labels directly on foil pouches that are used for rapd test kits. Will print all style of bar codes including 2D bar codes, will also inspect/verify bar codes. Will print directly on foil pouches without using a label.

The machine feeds pouches from a magazine, and with a thermal transfer printer prints directly on a foil ouch. This eliminates using a label to print information on the foil laminate pouches.

Printing directly on the pouch or die cut lid reduces labor costs for applying labels, and the cost of the label.

printing on white foil bag used for IVD diagnostic test kits

Please contact for details and pricing information

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