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Equipment and supplies for diagnostic test kit manufacturers

Vapor Barrier Foil Bags

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Foil bags and pouches - Custom foil pouches and bags for the diagnostic test kit industry:
• Long-term shelf stability
• Re-closability • Custom printed 8 color foil bags

• Unprinted foil pouches • Appealing graphics
• Aluminum Foil pouches with zippers that maintain a hermetic seal.

• pregnancy test kits, diagnostic test kits

• lyophilization products packaging

• reagent testing

Depending on packaging requirements, custom foil pouches are constructed of materials in two to four layer laminations. Whatever your needs, you can be sure of a low MVTR, or moisture vapor transmission rate.   

Zippered Aluminum Foil Bags for ELISA plate storage will protect coated ELISA plates. Each light-proof, vapor barrier foil pouch is heat-sealable with a reclosable zip lock. Tamper evident zipper.

foil bags - Zippered Aluminum Foil Bags for ELISA plate storage

We provide packaging material like foil bags and rollstock, also desiccants - desiccants of a reel strip for automatic packaging machines and individual Silica ge sachets.

Custom made foil bags, also custom printing up to 8 colors, Zippered foil pouches that can be re-closable for ELISA plates

Vapor Barrier Rollstock
foil bags

Stock aluminum foil rollstock laminates:
• saran coated polyester/poly
• metallized polyester/poly
• nylon/poly
• polyester/foil/poly - foil lamination
• nylon/foil/poly - foil lamination
• paper/poly/foil/poly  - foil lamination