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Inkjet Printers for flat Products

Inkjet Printing Equipment with Vacuum Feeder for Product Identification printing.  This off-line Product Feeder can integrate with a High Resolution One Color Ink Jet Coder or High Resolution CMYK 4 Color Ink Jet Printer.  

The feed system features a friction in-feed coupled with a vacuum hold-down bed for secure and consistent handling of flat products such as pouches, lid stocks, cartons, sleeves and cards. It can feed flat products up to 12” wide x 14” long; and up to 3/8” thick.  

Options include a 100 dpi to 600 dpi High Resolution Ink Jet Coder for printing single color copy such as bar codes, logos, time, count, ingredients, etc. requires no system cleaning, ink mixing, purging or flushing.  Also High Resolution Four Color up to 4” Wide.

Where Tracking or Validation is required, systems can also be outfitted with various OCR or Vision Systems as well as Bar Code Reading Systems. An integrated Adjustable Product Re-stacker is standard.   

Table top inkjet printer; prints flat products up to 12 inch wide