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Impulse heat sealer for packaging diagnostic test kits, IVD packaging

Impulse heat sealers designed for sealing foil bags - controls include pressure regulator, separate heat seal and cool timers for the heat seal cycle. This is the impulse heat sealer when reliability and durability matter.

Each pneumatically powered impulse heat sealers for sealing foil bags have jaw clearance to introduce your package from back to front or side-to-side. Each impulse heat sealer will make heat seals in foil bags that are are hermetically sealed, - airtight and water tight.  Maintain the vapor barrier proporties of your foil bags with precision hermetically sealed pouches.

All impulse heat sealers have heavy duty stainless steel bodies, and are clean room compatible.

Each impulse heat sealer comes complete with a two-year warranty, detailed operating instructions and impulse heat sealer spare parts kit with Teflon tape and heat seal bands.

Two year warranty - impulse heat sealers are made in USA.

Heat Sealers for Foil Pouch Sealing

Impulse heat sealers for sealing foil bags -  packaging diagnostic test kits

impulse heat sealers for sealing foil bags - laboratory and industrial heavy duty table top heat sealers - 15, 20 25” 30, and 35” heat seal bar lengths - built in the USA, heat sealing for R&D, laboratory and diagnostics manufacturing and industrial applications.

Impulse heat sealer for sealing foil bags,  packaging diagnostic test kits, IVD packaging

Validatable and standard models of medical impulse heat sealers are available, ideal for sealing foil bags- email for pricing and details

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