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For all your diagnostic test kit manufacturing needs


diagnostic test kits an be automatically loaded with this vertical form fill seal machine that makes foil bags

Vertical form fill seal machine for packaging diagnostic test kits- foil pouch former

A compact foil pouch making machine - vertical form fill seal machine for automatic packaging of diagnostic test kits, rapid tests, lateral flow tests or strip tests. Lean manufacturing, use the vertical form fill seal to make exact the numbers of four sided sealed pouches. This can be  a standalone vertical form fill seal machine with manual product loading, automatic loading from bulk, or it can be integrated with an automatic loading system.  

Package Styles for the Form Fill Seal

• Four sided sealed foil pouch

• Peelable sterilization pouch

• Zippered foil pouch

Materials that can be used for Form Fill Seal

• Laminated Plastic Rollstock

• Foil laminates Rollstock

• Tyvek rollstock

• Medical grade coated paper

Pouch Making and Loading for Diagnostic test kits, rapid tests, strips

Vertical Form Fill Seal makes foil pouches, will automatically load test kits and desiccants into foil pouches

Automatic Packaging Machines for Diagnostic test kits