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Equipment and supplies for diagnostic test kit manufacturers

standard and custom plastic cassettes for riad test kits desiccants for IVD rapid diagnostic test kits rollstock and foil bags to package IVD test kits packaging machine to load IVD test kits into foil packages printing equipment for foil bags for rapid test kits Precision Filling Equipment

Foil bags and foil rollstock

IVD Test kit assembly machines


Test kit packaging machines

Printers fr test kits and packaging

Heat sealers for microfluidic cartridges

Precision filling equipment

robotic IVD test kit assembly machine Validatable medical blister and tray heat sealer

Systems for Industry Inc. We supply equipment, materials and components for diagnostic test kit manufacturers.

Systems for Industry Inc.

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Plastic cassettes for test kits

We supply equipment for manufacturing and packaging of diagnostic test kits such as rapid assay.  We provide a modular assembly system, with robotic assembly of plastic components and filter strip materials that are used in test kits.  We can supply the packaging equipment for automatic and manual packaging of test kits.  We can also supply packaging material like foil bags, and foil rollstock.  We also provide plastic cassettes for the kits.

Fully automatic equipment for the assembly of rapid assay test kits.

Fully automatic equipment for the packaging of rapid assay test kits. Also heat sealer to seal foil bags.