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For all your diagnostic test kit manufacturing needs


Pouch Sealing for IVD test kits

Constant heat sealers - high production validatable medical heat sealer for packaging diagnostic test kits

Medical Heat Sealer for IVD test kits - High Speed packaging of diagnostic test kits

8” 15” 20” Constant Heat validatable

Validatable Medical Heat Sealer for sealing medical packaging - Tyvek® and foil laminates - capable of sealing 50 pouches per minute

Cycle time of approximately ¾ seconds for Tyvek or foil laminate bags or medical pouches.

Constant Heat Validatable Medical Heat sealer

• Available in 8”, 15”, 20” heat seal lengths - constant heat.

• 3/8” heat seal widths

•Calibration ports for air pressure, heat time and temperature

Heat Sealers for packaging Diagnostic test kits

High speed validatable medical heat sealer for IVD - diagnostic test kits

User-friendly password protection allows the

operator to select from pre-set & named seal recipes to maximize production changeover speed without compromising process control. Seal count, auto cycle feature, and Alarms for process faults are all standard features on this validatable medical heat sealer.

Click for medical foil bags and pouches

Constant heat sealers are available - email for pricing and details